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4.5 Ways to “Keep Calm And __[incert anything]”

How to manage grad school, a part-time job (or jobS), a relationship (or a family) and not to go crazy? If you've been to grad school for over 6 month you have probably figured out that it's a rhetorical question. However, we c an always brainstorm strategies to "Keep calm and ______". The next question… Continue reading 4.5 Ways to “Keep Calm And __[incert anything]”

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Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting 2016 – Niagara!

This weekend was really mathematical for me! I went to Canadian Mathematical Society Annual Winter Meeting! This year it was held in Niagara falls. We didn't get to see the falls and the fire alarm nearly chased us out of the conference halls, but overall the trip was incredibly productive and fun. I also met… Continue reading Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting 2016 – Niagara!

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How not to have a ‘teenage debate’

I work with teens and most of them love arguments and debates [i love debates as well!] But debating is a form of art.  Some of my students have not mastered it yet, so they often end up having a 'teenage debate'. A 'teenage debate' is a discussion where participants criticize each other instead of… Continue reading How not to have a ‘teenage debate’

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Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

I'm a math teacher and a graduate student. I don't teach at a public school. Instead I teach at special programs for gifted children, or work with children individually. I guess that makes me a freelancing math teacher. It takes a lot of planning to juggle grad school and freelancing job, but I love both… Continue reading Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

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Fields Medal Symposium 2016

There's no Nobel Prize in math but there's a Fields Medal which is given to mathematicians under the age of 40 for their outstanding achievements. Every year Toronto's Fields Institute hosts an annual Fields Medal Symposium to honor one of the medalists. This time we have Prof. Manjul Bhargava  - a number theorist born in… Continue reading Fields Medal Symposium 2016

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Hi, October 2016!

  The First Impressions of Each Month Photo Series: October edition! My October started off with a rain, an early rise, and a teaching session. Afternoon and evening were charged with positive energy and lots of work related to performing and rehearsing for the Little Mermaid Show (refer here: ) The day ended off with… Continue reading Hi, October 2016!

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Math Snippet: Graphs, Instagram, Internet

One very common example of a graph is Internet.

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Pedagogy -Balancing on the Border of the ‘Image’ and the ‘Body’ of Knowledge

The lines between the 'body'and the 'image' of knowledge can blur. One of such ‘grey’ area is education.

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A ‘quirk’ that Dedekind, Mendeleev and Hilbert had in common :)

I always get an extra boost of creativity, motivation and productivity in my graduate research after periods of teaching.  I've been working at different math summer camps for the last few weeks, and the experience was tiring and challenging at times.  However, after the camps were finished I noticed that some ideas related to my… Continue reading A ‘quirk’ that Dedekind, Mendeleev and Hilbert had in common 🙂


First Timer’s Guide to New York

This May I went to New York for the first time.  The first thing I explored in NY was the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath 🙂 )   then I headed to MoMa, cause, let's be honest - where else would you pay $15 to see 🙂 masterpieces 🙂 like this this this or this ...… Continue reading First Timer’s Guide to New York

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Geek Street Fair powered by Google – Toronto Distillery District

Last Thursday I, along with a great group of volunteers, had a pleasure to participate in the Toronto Distillery District Geek Street Fair powered by Google. The event was designed to demonstrate how fun and exciting STEM subjects can be. Read more about this event at out new website at

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Math Kangaroo, Mentorship, Girls in Gear

It has been a long time since I posted any updates, and I want to thank all the guests who have been reading my webpage during that time. Here are several events that took place recently: Mathematics Kangaroo Contest took place on March 23rd across Canada.  All three University of Toronto Campuses were involved.  The students… Continue reading Math Kangaroo, Mentorship, Girls in Gear

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Kangaroos are coming!!!

Last weekend all of the University of Toronto campuses hosted the last preparation session before the Mathematics Kangaroo Contest of 2014! The students and the instructors had a great time. The kids couldn't wait to write the contest! The contest will take place tomorrow! Math students all over Canada will be writing it. If you… Continue reading Kangaroos are coming!!!

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Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers’ Workshop

 Today I was honored to be one of the speakers at the Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers' Workshop at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Here is the link to the workshop program I was speaking about methodology of history of mathematics, math education reforms in the US and in the USSR and… Continue reading Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers’ Workshop

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Happy Pi-Day!

The Math Kangaroo Camp is over, and I have to say that it was an absolutely amazing March Break week! The weather prepared a surprise for us on Wednesday - 10 cm of snow in just several hours, just when all of us thought that the spring is on its way. Then on Thursday the… Continue reading Happy Pi-Day!

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Math Kangaroo Campers get antiquated with Platonic solids

Math Kangaroo Campers were making platonic solids this morning. They did a great job! See the pic at

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Collected Curiosities: Darwin, Banksy, Tstar Nicholas II, etc

 Darwin said that men endowed with mathematical talent "seem to have an extra sense" (Lecture at the Fields Institute) --- Banksy trouble: According to a group of my friends I was the last person (if not on the entire Earth, than in North America:)) who did not know the name of a graffiti artist Banksy.… Continue reading Collected Curiosities: Darwin, Banksy, Tstar Nicholas II, etc

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“You study math and what…???” – How math and history majors merged into one

As a student of the Concurrent Teacher Education Program I knew that eventually I will need to have two teachable subjects. Despite of all difficulties I really enjoyed my math classes and I did not even think of studying anything else. By the end of the second year I had a lot of math courses… Continue reading “You study math and what…???” – How math and history majors merged into one

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Freshmen, this one is dedicated to you :)

If you happen to be going into your first year of university, I have some pointers to give you here ( first-week-of-the-first-year-of-university over here ( more on specific math classes here ( Let me know if that was helpful :):):)

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Wikipedia: teacher`s enemy or a friend?

One of my high school teachers used to say that “Wikipedia is an enemy of research”. I have heard similar phrases throughout my university career, at OISE and at my teaching practicums. All those teachers were making valid points. First of all, Wikipedia is too easily editable. Many articles (especially historical or political ones) are… Continue reading Wikipedia: teacher`s enemy or a friend?