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4.5 Ways to “Keep Calm And __[incert anything]”

How to manage grad school, a part-time job (or jobS), a relationship (or a family) and not to go crazy? If you've been to grad school for over 6 month you have probably figured out that it's a rhetorical question. However, we c an always brainstorm strategies to "Keep calm and ______". The next question… Continue reading 4.5 Ways to “Keep Calm And __[incert anything]”

Grad School, Tips

Assorted Stereotypes About Grads

Some people perceive millennials as a generation of spoiled coffee-drinking infantile youngsters with hyper-extended childhood who take about 30 years to 'find themselves' only to find themselves working as baristas while pretending to be engaged in 'vaguely creative activities'.   Misconceptions about graduate students, especially the ones in humanities go even further. Just for laughs - here… Continue reading Assorted Stereotypes About Grads

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Cut-Mix-Heat Slow-Cooker Apple Spice Chicken

If I had to summarize my cooking strategy, it would fit into 3 words: Cut-Mix-Heat (where the last step is optional). I'm a graduate student working at a couple of jobs. I don't have time or energy to dedicate to complicated recipes. But I love eating at home, and the comfort of having a fridge… Continue reading Cut-Mix-Heat Slow-Cooker Apple Spice Chicken

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Math Snippet: Graphs, Instagram, Internet

One very common example of a graph is Internet.