Hi, December!

YEY, December! My favorite month of the year! This year December started off for me with an allnighter. I was trying to finish up my slides for a talk at Canada Math Society. But other than that the first day of December was slightly foggy and very cozy. BTW, if you happen to speak Russian,… Continue reading Hi, December!

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First Impressions of November!

This November started off with the Fields Medal Symposium (read more about how it went over here). The day was so bright and sunny that I just had to take some pics from my balcony and on my way to the public opening of the Symposium. How did your November start off?

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4 ideas to spice up your cup of green tea – just in time for the dropping temps

I'm a huge fan of green tea and I am constantly on the outlook for new tea flavors. I also love spices (but not spicy food :)). Actually tea and spices make a perfect combo, especially as the temperatures start to drop and all of us need a little extra help warming up. Some spices… Continue reading 4 ideas to spice up your cup of green tea – just in time for the dropping temps

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October’s Portrait

  Yesterday we painted October's portrait at the 4 Cats Studio at the Toronto Junction Triangle (1615 Dupont St.). The studio is pretty easy to get to by TTC. It's full of samples of previous students' work. There's lots of light, but the place still has an ambient feel to it. The theme of the art… Continue reading October’s Portrait

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September Lemonade

It's been 2 years since I promised my mom to paint this painting and give it to her as a gift... Finally I did it! Happy 13th anniversary in Canada, Mom!!!!!

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Hi, September!

September made a great first impression this year! Sunny weather, beautiful storms, fragrant flowers in every convenience store- lovely!  But have you noticed that September feels very differently from all the summer months? Something changes abruptly on September 1st and you no longer can pretend that you are in July even if it is hot… Continue reading Hi, September!

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Photo Etude 2: Unexpected guest

Woke up today to a thick fog outside my balcony and this creature on my windowsill.