Quick Ricotta Pumpkin Pie Recipe

I love pumpkin pies but I never have time to make them. Here is a super quick recipe that requires minimal effort and preparation. I shared it on Lifehack.Org here:


All you will need is a pie crust, pumpkin puree, creamy ricotta and sugar.

Let me know if you are planning to try it out!

Have a great weekend!

Jumping off the Complain-Train

This Monday my piece about alternatives to complaining was published at That First Year Blog! I am honored and excited to be a part of this project!

See the piece here:


4 ideas to spice up your cup of green tea – just in time for the dropping temps

I’m a huge fan of green tea and I am constantly on the outlook for new tea flavors. I also love spices (but not spicy food :)). Actually tea and spices make a perfect combo, especially as the temperatures start to drop and all of us need a little extra help warming up.

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4 Ways to Help Kids Express Their Emotions


Emotions are so tricky! Here are several ways to help kids learn about their emotions. In short, always try to knowledge child’s feelings, identify their emotion and model an appropriate reaction for them.

Read more at Lifehack.Org:



Things to do in 5 spare minutes


Do you ever have these awkward 5-minute time slots in your day when you are either waiting for a bus, getting ready for  a conference call, etc.?  Here are a couple of ideas on what to do in those 5 min. You can exercise, snap photos, call a friend… the rest of it is on Lifehack in my new post:



Recover Your Creative Spirit


All of us have a creative bone in our bodies. Have you ever broken in? If so, I posted a step-by-step guide for recovering your creativity just in time for the back-to-school season.


How do you stay in tune with your creative side? Any tips?


How to stop putting things off



Another post on Lifehacker.Org about taking 5 minutes a day to start off a project hat you have been putting off, finding and eliminating the reasons that are holding you back.


Is there a project that you have been putting off?


Math Anxiety Inducing Phrases

154062807_science-communication_-iStockphoto_Thinkstock top

I became a contributing author for Lifehack.Org

Here is my first post about math anxiety inducing phrases that all of us should avoid when talking to kids about math or academic subject matter in general.


Lifehack.org would not appreciate if I just pasted my post here, but in short, whenever you  talk to kids about anything math related, avoid emphasizing that math is only for the ‘geniuses’, that you were ‘never good at it’, and that it is ‘too hard’. You never know how these phrases can be misinterpreted by kids, and most likely they will be used against you (or against math and other academic subjects) at some point down the line.

Do you know anyone suffering from math anxiety? Were you anxious about math when you were at school?