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How not to have a ‘teenage debate’

I work with teens and most of them love arguments and debates [i love debates as well!] But debating is a form of art.  Some of my students have not mastered it yet, so they often end up having a 'teenage debate'. A 'teenage debate' is a discussion where participants criticize each other instead of… Continue reading How not to have a ‘teenage debate’

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Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

I'm a math teacher and a graduate student. I don't teach at a public school. Instead I teach at special programs for gifted children, or work with children individually. I guess that makes me a freelancing math teacher. It takes a lot of planning to juggle grad school and freelancing job, but I love both… Continue reading Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

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Fields Medal Symposium 2016

There's no Nobel Prize in math but there's a Fields Medal which is given to mathematicians under the age of 40 for their outstanding achievements. Every year Toronto's Fields Institute hosts an annual Fields Medal Symposium to honor one of the medalists. This time we have Prof. Manjul Bhargava  - a number theorist born in… Continue reading Fields Medal Symposium 2016

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Math Snippet: Graphs, Instagram, Internet

One very common example of a graph is Internet.

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Math Anxiety Inducing Phrases

I became a contributing author for Lifehack.Org Here is my first post about math anxiety inducing phrases that all of us should avoid when talking to kids about math or academic subject matter in general. would not appreciate if I just pasted my post here, but in short, whenever you  talk to kids… Continue reading Math Anxiety Inducing Phrases

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Teaching an online course: Online Math Kangaroo Enrichment Classes

This summer I have been teaching a Online Math Kangaroo Enrichment Classes for grade 4. In each class we looked at several core concepts and then solved numerous problems that resembled problems from Math Kangaroo Contests. Teaching an online class was a new experience for me and I am extremely happy that i had a chance… Continue reading Teaching an online course: Online Math Kangaroo Enrichment Classes

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Classroom Adventures in Mathematics Summer Institute 2014

Last week Department of Mathematics of UofT welcomed school teachers and teachers in training for a week of professional enrichment - Classroom Adventures in Mathematics Summer Institute 2014.  UofT faculty and graduate students spoke to the teachers about enrichment of traditional curriculum for students of different ages and academic backgrounds as well as highlighting the… Continue reading Classroom Adventures in Mathematics Summer Institute 2014

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Canada Math Camp 2014

Last week I had a pleasure of being a camp coordinator of Canada Math Camp! Working at a camp is always intense but very exciting.  Although it can be tiring at times, I can't wait to do it all over again already! Canada Math Camp is for students who achieved high scores at the Canada… Continue reading Canada Math Camp 2014

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Geek Street Fair powered by Google – Toronto Distillery District

Last Thursday I, along with a great group of volunteers, had a pleasure to participate in the Toronto Distillery District Geek Street Fair powered by Google. The event was designed to demonstrate how fun and exciting STEM subjects can be. Read more about this event at out new website at

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Math Kangaroo, Mentorship, Girls in Gear

It has been a long time since I posted any updates, and I want to thank all the guests who have been reading my webpage during that time. Here are several events that took place recently: Mathematics Kangaroo Contest took place on March 23rd across Canada.  All three University of Toronto Campuses were involved.  The students… Continue reading Math Kangaroo, Mentorship, Girls in Gear

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Kangaroos are coming!!!

Last weekend all of the University of Toronto campuses hosted the last preparation session before the Mathematics Kangaroo Contest of 2014! The students and the instructors had a great time. The kids couldn't wait to write the contest! The contest will take place tomorrow! Math students all over Canada will be writing it. If you… Continue reading Kangaroos are coming!!!

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Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers’ Workshop

 Today I was honored to be one of the speakers at the Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers' Workshop at the University of Toronto at Mississauga. Here is the link to the workshop program I was speaking about methodology of history of mathematics, math education reforms in the US and in the USSR and… Continue reading Math and Comp. Sci. High School Teachers’ Workshop

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Happy Pi-Day!

The Math Kangaroo Camp is over, and I have to say that it was an absolutely amazing March Break week! The weather prepared a surprise for us on Wednesday - 10 cm of snow in just several hours, just when all of us thought that the spring is on its way. Then on Thursday the… Continue reading Happy Pi-Day!

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Math Kangaroo Campers get antiquated with Platonic solids

Math Kangaroo Campers were making platonic solids this morning. They did a great job! See the pic at

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Math Kangaroo March Break Camp 2014 has started!

 (image from I am so excited to be working at the Math Kangaroo March Break Camp and Math Academy this week! The camp started out on a great note. For instance, grades 4 and 5 started their day by looking at crocodiles from a mathematical point of view! Picture can be found here:

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Fields Institute wins!

Last week, and the week before, we were visited by a group of students from St. Andrews Junior High School. They chose to come to the Fields Institute even though they could go to the Playdium or any other place in Toronto for their activity day! I gave them a mini lecture on history of… Continue reading Fields Institute wins!

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Science Unlimited

This week I am working at the Science Unlimited Summer Camp at U of T ( Every day packed with experiments, mini research projects and tours of UofT's best research facilities.  Every department involved in the camp (Mathematics, Physics, Forestry, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc) has impressed the students with something unique and totally different from a… Continue reading Science Unlimited

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WHERE pigs fly…

  When was the last time you have seen a piggy with wings? I have seen one this morning! And, as you see, I have a picture to prove it 🙂 I am working at the Math Kangaroo Summer Camp at U of T right now and it is housed right next to a physics… Continue reading WHERE pigs fly…

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Work day of a mathematician

 “What does a usual work day of a mathematician look like?” (grade 8 student) “Unlike writers and novelists, mathematicians do not even publish their work too often. What do they do all day?” (grade 9 student) “What do professors do when they are not teaching undergraduate courses?” (grade 11 student) “How do researchers manage their… Continue reading Work day of a mathematician

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Canada Math Camp

This week I have been working with the Canada Math Camp ( Here are the daily news updates that I posted on the CMC website     photo from