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Art Forms

This series of sketches is dedicated to my favorite art forms:     Art form - Architecture

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Sketch Roundup: Fall 2016

I took a sketching course this fall and here is a quick roundup of what I've done. I learned a lot and had tons of fun!  

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Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

I'm a math teacher and a graduate student. I don't teach at a public school. Instead I teach at special programs for gifted children, or work with children individually. I guess that makes me a freelancing math teacher. It takes a lot of planning to juggle grad school and freelancing job, but I love both… Continue reading Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

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October’s Portrait

  Yesterday we painted October's portrait at the 4 Cats Studio at the Toronto Junction Triangle (1615 Dupont St.). The studio is pretty easy to get to by TTC. It's full of samples of previous students' work. There's lots of light, but the place still has an ambient feel to it. The theme of the art… Continue reading October’s Portrait

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September Lemonade

It's been 2 years since I promised my mom to paint this painting and give it to her as a gift... Finally I did it! Happy 13th anniversary in Canada, Mom!!!!!

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Trains in the wind

I live very close to a railroad. Many people see it as a disadvantage, but I really enjoy it. I love it when the trains pass by at night, when the rhythmic sound of metal wheels is mixed with the sound of wind, and the noise [and the light] of the city. It feels like… Continue reading Trains in the wind

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Winter blues and whites – making the best out of them

Most lifestyle websites are buzzing about beating the winter blues, as though these blues were a plague of some kind.  To me, however, the "winter blues" expression carries quite an opposite meaning.  I was born in the winter, and most of my happy childhood memories are related to playing in the snow, putting on a… Continue reading Winter blues and whites – making the best out of them

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Washington DC at a glance

  I went to Washington DC this August, and this is how things looked like over there (or at least, this is how I saw them).    

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Toronto by day and by night

This is how I see Toronto through the lens of my camera This is how I see it in my head

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The Math Circles

  Why "Circles"? - Obvious. Why "Math" - because after 5 years of pedagogical studies and a year with UofT Math Outreach I cannot pair any other word with "circles".  

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The trilogy of The Fish

This is an illustration to Yuri Andrukhovych`s book Perverzion One of the characters in this book loved to host parties where the main entertainment was the following: He dropped some small fishes into a fishtank and gave them some food first.  Then he placed several bigger fishes into the fishtank, and they ate the smaller ones.… Continue reading The trilogy of The Fish

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The Windmill

I read a book by a Ukrainian author Dara Korniy From the Seventh Circle of Hell.  One of the main settings of the novel was the windmill where the main characters (the dwellers of the seventh circle of hell) appeared on Earth in their human form. The following are the illustrations that I came up with:… Continue reading The Windmill

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Geometric still life

This is what it looks like on canvas (acrylic paint, 40cm by 50cm) This is what it looked like in my tablet Do you prefer one over the other?