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The Little Mermaid Production And What We Learned From It!


This weekend I took part in Merey Ismailova’s Theatre of Dance production of the Little Mermaid (  If I had to pick just one thing I learned from being a part of the Russian Student Association Dance Group and working with Merey, it would be the fact that you don’t have to be an official professional to have a professional attitude towards anything you are doing.

One thing that our choreographer Merey always emphasized was professionalism. None of the people in the Russian Student Association Dance Group are professional dancers. We do not have a formal post secondary training in choreography, we do not perform to make our living. All of us have our own day jobs.  Some of us have learned various styles of dance before, others joined in without any previous training at all.  However, Merey has always been setting high expectations for us in terms of being professional about dance. Continue reading “The Little Mermaid Production And What We Learned From It!”

Art, Dance and acting

Dancing with RSA – the Blue Lantern show


This May the Russian Student Association performed two dances before the Blue Lantern Show by Merey Ismailova. It was such a pleasure be a part of the show and to prepare for it.

See the upbeat dance by RSA that opened the show here:


and a romantic dance here:


For more excerpts from the show and videos of rehearsals see the Youtube channel of our choreographer Merey Ismailova:


Photos are here:


Thank you, everyone for coming to the show