El Perro Milonguero: February Round-Up

El Perro Milonguero has his own page at

But in case you haven’t been keeping up with his latest adventures, here’s a quick round-up



Art Forms

This series of sketches is dedicated to my favorite art forms:


Art form – Culinary art
Art form – song writing and performing
Art form – dance, Argentine tango
Art form – Music
Art form – floristics



Art form – Architecture


El Perro Milonguero – January 2017 Round up


El Perro Milonguero is a stylish dog born and raised in Argentine Tango community.  He is always ready to cheer everyone up by being positive and resolving any misunderstandings.

At the same time, El Perro is a RESEARCHER. He is always ready to learn more about tango, tangueros and their ways of interacting with each other. Understanding people is El Perro’s first priority!

El Perro has his own web page here:

But this is a quick roundup of his adventures in January 2017:



Hi, January 2017!

Hope you’re getting back on track with your work or school after the winter break! My January started off at a tango party. The morning of January 1st was calm, cozy and fun. It started off with coffee and favorite movies from childhood and finished off with sitting next to the first live Christmas tree I ever had.


Sketch Roundup: Fall 2016

I took a sketching course this fall and here is a quick roundup of what I’ve done. I learned a lot and had tons of fun!



Hi, December!

YEY, December! My favorite month of the year!

This year December started off for me with an allnighter. I was trying to finish up my slides for a talk at Canada Math Society. But other than that the first day of December was slightly foggy and very cozy.

BTW, if you happen to speak Russian, see my video about December and holiday mood at… In he video I accidentally said “January 31st” instead of “December 31st” … sorry!!! lol!

Essentials for a freelancing math teacher

I’m a math teacher and a graduate student. I don’t teach at a public school. Instead I teach at special programs for gifted children, or work with children individually. I guess that makes me a freelancing math teacher. Continue reading “Essentials for a freelancing math teacher”


First Impressions of November!

This November started off with the Fields Medal Symposium (read more about how it went over here).



October’s Portrait


Yesterday we painted October’s portrait at the 4 Cats Studio at the Toronto Junction Triangle (1615 Dupont St.). The studio is pretty easy to get to by TTC. It’s full of samples of previous students’ work. There’s lots of light, but the place still has an ambient feel to it.

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Photo Etude 3: Profile


I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while. It’s my mom reading a concert program at Casa Loma. It was a chilly and rainy evening. Both of us were tired.

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Hi, October 2016!


The First Impressions of Each Month Photo Series: October edition!

My October started off with a rain, an early rise, and a teaching session.

Afternoon and evening were charged with positive energy and lots of work related to performing and rehearsing for the Little Mermaid Show (refer here: )

The day ended off with pretty flowers, browsing the streets of Toronto filled with Nuit Blanche sights and tasting awesome local food.


The Little Mermaid Production And What We Learned From It!


This weekend I took part in Merey Ismailova’s Theatre of Dance production of the Little Mermaid (  If I had to pick just one thing I learned from being a part of the Russian Student Association Dance Group and working with Merey, it would be the fact that you don’t have to be an official professional to have a professional attitude towards anything you are doing.

One thing that our choreographer Merey always emphasized was professionalism. None of the people in the Russian Student Association Dance Group are professional dancers. We do not have a formal post secondary training in choreography, we do not perform to make our living. All of us have our own day jobs.  Some of us have learned various styles of dance before, others joined in without any previous training at all.  However, Merey has always been setting high expectations for us in terms of being professional about dance. Continue reading “The Little Mermaid Production And What We Learned From It!”


September Lemonade


It’s been 2 years since I promised my mom to paint this painting and give it to her as a gift… Finally I did it!

Happy 13th anniversary in Canada, Mom!!!!!


Hi, September!

September made a great first impression this year! Sunny weather, beautiful storms, fragrant flowers in every convenience store- lovely!  But have you noticed that September feels very differently from all the summer months? Something changes abruptly on September 1st and you no longer can pretend that you are in July even if it is hot and sunny outside. I guess it’s just the height of the sun and the length of the shadows.

Here are 8 snaps from September 1st, 2016.

Welcome to the Months’ First Impressions photo series! We never get a second chance on making the first impression, but months of the year have a chance to impress us over and over each year and create different first impressions each time.

I will take pictures of anything that I would encounter on the first day of each month. Hopefully this photo series will remind all of us that we don’t have to go too far to look for beauty, or to look for ‘ourselves’ or our ‘calling’. We are surrounded by impressive things. We just need to let ourselves get impressed, like we did when we were kids.


Photo Etude 2: Unexpected guest

2. Butterfly photo etude

Woke up today to a thick fog outside my balcony and this creature on my windowsill.


Photo Etude 1: Still life (over-edited)

1. Still Life photo etude

Sometimes over-editing a pic of a mundane still life is just what you need.

Trains in the wind


I live very close to a railroad. Many people see it as a disadvantage, but I really enjoy it. I love it when the trains pass by at night, when the rhythmic sound of metal wheels is mixed with the sound of wind, and the noise [and the light] of the city.

It feels like music.

Dancing with RSA – the Blue Lantern show


This May the Russian Student Association performed two dances before the Blue Lantern Show by Merey Ismailova. It was such a pleasure be a part of the show and to prepare for it.

See the upbeat dance by RSA that opened the show here:


and a romantic dance here:


For more excerpts from the show and videos of rehearsals see the Youtube channel of our choreographer Merey Ismailova:


Photos are here:


Thank you, everyone for coming to the show



Winter blues and whites – making the best out of them

Most lifestyle websites are buzzing about beating the winter blues, as though these blues were a plague of some kind.  To me, however, the “winter blues” expression carries quite an opposite meaning.  I was born in the winter, and most of my happy childhood memories are related to playing in the snow, putting on a fur hat, wearing warm read boots.  I remember running around on a carpet that my mom laid out on the show for cleaning, throwing the fresh snow on the carpet, stomping my feet and rolling about.  When I was 6, I would always crush my toboggan into a tree, no matter how I tried to avoid it. When I was 8, I put the skies on, stood there for a couple of minutes, took 2 steps and then took the skies off…  I tried my hand at skating when I was 16, and the entire skating rink had a good laugh – including myself.

There is a special time at the end of November when you step outside at about 4 pm, and the approaching sunset just looks different. Everything is colored in crisp blue shades! Literally! And then, at the end of every sunny day, these blue shades creep into the city streets.  These days I walk home with a huge smile on my face.  … It upsets me that many of my friends cannot notice this subtle blue shade… 1358010587373

But sometimes the sky turns into a dense but incredibly soft and fluffy collections of white pillows, cushions and blankets.  The sun just rests on the top of them, taking a deserved break from its daily duties.  Or maybe the sun and the moon engage in a pillow fight up there.  Then the snowflakes come down and paint everything in shades of white.


On the days like this one, I realize that no matter how shaky an academic career could be, and how unpredictable the job market is, there is nothing else that I want to do more than think about my work while walk about the streets of my university, or read books on history of math, and occasionally look at the snow that keeps falling and falling,  until the the library and the adjacent houses get equipped with thick white hats and mittens. 


Washington DC at a glance



I went to Washington DC this August, and this is how things looked like over there (or at least, this is how I saw them).