My Interview for Vero True Social Russian-speaking Community

Russian-speaking community of the new social network Vero interviewed me about my work as a career coach for teens, and the usage of social networks. It was a great honor! Thanks, VeroFamily!

Full version in Russian is here:

English translation below:

1. What / Who brought you to Vero? How did you get to know the network?

I found out about Vero on February 26, 2018. I was on my way from work, scrolling through Instagram feed while waiting for my train. I saw one of the bloggers asking if anyone had a profile on Vero. At that time, I was getting disappointed in Instagram because of the bots and algorithms. I googled Vero, and decided to create a profile right away. I liked the design of the platform and the chronological feed.

2. Many people are interested in online popularity. How did you managed to make friends with so many people so quickly? Hashtags, subscriptions, comments? What is the secret of your success?

I found friends mostly through the use of hashtags. I subscribed to people, actively followed their profiles, commented on their posts. I also contacted several large English-speaking bloggers asking them to introduce my profile. Then I met even more people from different countries.

3. You have a very unique profession that just a few people know about. Tell me why you’ve decided to pursue it?

I’m a career coach for kids and teens. I help teens determine the choice of profession, career direction, the search for the first job, the compilation of the first summary, and preparation for interviews. I think that the first resume should be thought about before entering the first grade. Not because you have to find a job in grade 1, but because job search and self-advocacy skills are just as important in the modern society as reading and writing. I work with teens individually, I often include their parents in our consultations. I hold lectures and webinars for kids and families as well. I decided that my career will be related to education back in high school.

I helped younger students with their homework and looked through my classmates’ resumes for their first jobs. I picked up this interest in job market and employment hunting from my mom. She kept a close eye on trends and requirements of modern resumes and job interviews, and kept me in the loop on that starting from my early childhood.

We often took walks in a park, and my mom always asked me, “Sweetie, when you’ll grow up and start looking for a job, you will be asked: “What can you do?” What would you answer?” This way I was gradually getting used to a thought that I would be looking for a job one day, that I will need to know how to answer any question with confidence.
I’m constantly on the lookout for professional development. At the moment I’m finishing my Ph.D. on career specialization among adolescents, and the impact of education reforms on students’ employment.

Also, I work as a product manager at Prodigy Math Game, which produces a math video game for kids. It is very important for me to lead teens by example, and to show them that finding a great satisfying job in a dynamic creative environment is possible when at this time, when looking for jobs is becoming increasingly difficult.

4. The most memorable acquaintance in Vero? With whom and how was it?

There are so many great people here that it’s difficult choose one. Meeting Oleg Kolokolov, Irina Nik, Olga Mishina, and Slava Tyunin was amazing! They showed me that Vero attracts open-minded people who are ready to share their thoughts and listen to others. I found these people in a very fun way. It was the eve of the International Women’s Day, and I decided to see if there is a hashtag for that on Vero. There was one, and I hound many Russian-speaking people there. Then I also met their friends, and friends of their friends,=and so on.

5. What inspires you? Where do you draw strength?

I draw inspiration from my numerous hobbies. I coach a community dance group for children and adults, and a mathematical circle for high school students at the University of Toronto. My students are my joy and inspiration. I also like fencing, Argentine tango, drawing, and reading. When I have a little more time, I play piano and embroid.

6. What kind of relationship do you have with other social networks? Is Vero your main social network now?

I mostly used Vero in the last couple of month. It’s convenient to share different types of content there, and the audience is very sincere. I like sharing videos, chatting on camera. I have a YouTube channel in Russian and in English, but recently it become more difficult to find friends on YouTube. I’ll be posting more videos in Vero in the near future.

7. Could you give an advice to our subscribers, or just add something from yourself 😊

I hope everyone will find not just their “target audience”, but a close circle of friends and companions.

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