5 things to do in the first week of the new year

2018 started on a Monday. Seems to be a perfectionists’ dream.  I’m not a fan of strick new year’s resolutions, but I like getting organized at the beginning of each year. Here are a few things that you can do in the first week of the year, to stay sane and organized for months to come.

  1. Enter all the state holidays and long weekends into your Google Calendar and share them with your family members. This will help you plan for fun activities, and you would never have to ask your coworkers if this or next weekend is a long weekend.
  2. Plan at least one fun trip for one long-weekend trip. You do not have to go too far or spend a lot. You don’t have to plan out all of the details at once. Jotting down a few ideas would do for now.
  3. Review the list of people that you have not had a chance to reconnect throughout the holiday season. Send them a simple “Happy New Year” message. Something is better than nothing.
  4. Check if your favorite bands will be performing in your city and book the tickets as soon as possible. It’s easy to get bogged down with work and miss a chance to get tickets to the shows that you always wanted to see. Usually, most bands post their tour dates a year in advance.  So early January is a good time to check if they will be coming to your city.
  5. Organize all the pictures that you have taken over the holidays.  Either line them up to be posted on social media (social media tools like Planoly can help with that), or put them in appropriate directories on your computer.


One thought on “5 things to do in the first week of the new year

  1. Умница!! такая трудяжка!1 пчёлка и муравей, черепашка и носорожек!1Моя Киця!


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