First Timer’s Guide to New York

This May I went to New York for the first time.  The first thing I explored in NY was the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath 🙂 )

bodies of constant width
bodies of constant width
the famous 'bicycles'
the famous ‘bicycles’


then I headed to MoMa, cause, let’s be honest – where else would you pay $15 to see 🙂 masterpieces 🙂 like







or this


… unfortunately photography was not allowed at the special exhibition of Gauguin.

Moma also has an amazing staff! From a conversation with one of them I found out that they have memorized the rules of the museum, but never bothered to find out the reasoning behind them… for instance, my simple and innocent question “Why talking on the cell phone is not allowed but talking to each other IS allowed” totally confused the staff.

on my way to MoMa I stumbled upon a Russian store where I found these Chaburashki



After MoMa I headed south


Astro Gallery of Gems remains my favorite place in New York! I can’t imagine that some of the exhibited fossils and minerals have been existing for millions of years!



I wish I could spend more time at the Central Library



or walk into the Central Park through the Engineers’ Gate


but too many other things were planned for this trip – like riding through the abandoned City Hall station


attending the Museum of the City of New York


the Jewish Museum



and The Metropolitan! (or just the Met :):):) )


Walking down the Fifth avenue felt a lot like walking down an endless hallway.  I just had this persistent feeling of being indoors all the time.  However, there were endless interesting and pleasant things like seeing the Empire State Building from my hotel window


or this Luna Bar – made SPECIFICALLY for women….. I wonder what would happen if a man eats it…..?


or being greeted by fresh flowers before brunch on my last day there


New York is a puzzling city and I have much more to tell then I could fit into this photo-post.  I would definitely want to go there again to explore the museums and the architecture.

(If you would rather read this post in Russian, see it at my new blog page at the Vorkug Sveta (Around the World) magazine )



One thought on “First Timer’s Guide to New York

  1. Check our ROCK STAR CRYSTALS, the newest Gallery of Gems located in Chelsea on 26th St near 7th Ave. They opened a glittering new store last Fall 2015, and they now have more rocks and minerals than any other store in New York City. ASTRO is great, especially for big spenders, but ROCK STAR has crystals and minerals in all prices ranges.


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