Math Kangaroo, Mentorship, Girls in Gear

It has been a long time since I posted any updates, and I want to thank all the guests who have been reading my webpage during that time.

Here are several events that took place recently:

Mathematics Kangaroo Contest took place on March 23rd across Canada.  All three University of Toronto Campuses were involved.  The students and the staff had a great time! Visit to register for the 2015 Math Kangaroo Contest!


Math In Motion…Girls In Gear  (April 5th).  It was a great honor for me to be one of the guest speakers and to teach grade 9 students about ancient calculation aid – abacus. Then they even made their own abaci and took their creations home!

Girls also braved the Design Challenge task that required them to build a container for an egg that needed to be thrown off the third floor! Guess what – most eggs survived this adventure without a slightest crack!


Mathematics Mentorship – Poster Presentation Event. 25 high school students were paired up with UofT Math department graduate students and professors for a semester-long mentored studies.  The students demonstrated their newly acquired knowledge during the end-of-the-semester poster presentation session.  Please see the details of other outreach programs offered by the U of T Math department at


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