The days when miracles are bound to happen

There are certain days when miracles WILL happen. Not “might”, not “likely” but “WILL.”  These days often either coincide with national holidays, or occur somewhere in the neighborhood of these holidays. New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve are among those days, and Valentine’s day is no different. I am not saying that all of us will find a million bucks under our pillows, and princes on white horses would not park under our windows. However, something interesting, touching and memorable is bound to happen.

You might wake up naturally, 20 minutes before your alarm, not feeling like a zombie, and realize that you have time to make a nice breakfast for yourself and drink some good coffee in peace. Then you might look out of your window and see light snowflakes slowly circling in the air.  Some of them even land on your windowsill, trying to join you for breakfast.

Now you are asking: “Can’t these things happen on any day of the year?”

Of course they can! And they do happen every day and every minute. But sometimes we tend to  take them for granted. We might as well start appreciating the miracles on holidays – for starters :).

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