Forgiveness and the ones who really need it

I get really surprised when people threaten their peers with a phrase “I will never forgive you.”

Do we really forgive for the sake of the person that has offended us?

Imagine that every time someone tells you something unpleasant or offensive, they throw a heavy “rock” at you.  The rock can either hit you hard – if, for instance, you were not expecting that blow – or, you can duck down, so the rock misses you, or, you can imagine that you are pulling out a “shield” that protects you from the rocks and keeps you happy.  If you did not manage to protect yourself from that thrown rock, you will be the one stuck with the “bruise” and the “rock” itself.  Some people may have a collection of smaller “rocks”, others may be dragging a really large one.  The person who threw that rock does not have to carry it.

So it is in YOUR best interest to throw that “rock” away as soon as possible, unless you want to be buried under a pile of “rocks”.

I do not deny that sometimes the rocks can be sharp and that they stick to some people very well.  And I do not claim that it is easy to get rid of them.  I carry several. You might carry some as well.  The main thing to understand is that these “rocks” are our property and our problem from the time they hit us till the day we throw them away.  They have nothing to do with the person who threw them.

I don’t claim that I have made a discovery here.  In fact I cannot imagine that there are people who are still using “I will never forgive you” as a threat.

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