Collected Curiosities: Mendeleev, Kafka, tango, etc.

Mendeleev published his periodic table in a textbook. In fact, his periodic table was intended to be a pedagogical tool to help his students understand the material better. (A Well Ordered Thing by M. Gordin)

When the studies of autism just emerged, researchers thought that autism in a baby is strongly correlated with the high intelligence of its mother.

Kafka’ s novel The Castle remained unfinished. Some scholars think that it was supposed to be finished with the death of the main character who was not supposed to ever reach the Castle.

Italian immigrants in Argentina played a large role in popularization, promotion and development of tango.  They were the first members of the upper class to accept tango and to host tango performances and milongas  in Italian halls in Argentina.

Mendeleev composed his periodic table without knowing anything about protons. ( A well ordered thing by Gordin) website shows the students their career and education options based on the high school courses they are taking.  It also compares various education programs in colleges and universities.

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