The toughest thesis advisors

My mom’s thesis adviser wanted each student to have a research log book.  Weekly research goals needed to be designed and recorded by each student.  If the student failed to reach his own goals, the adviser would simply say: “I did not force you to put that goal down.  If you were not able to reach it, you should not have included it in your weekly goals.”  My mom became a great researcher, so whatever her adviser demanded, apparently, worked out very well.

When I entered my 6th week of the first year of graduate studies my mom was shocked when she found out that I do not have a research log book, moreover, no one demands that I do.  “You should record your research activities every day,” she said.   I, in turn, was shocked because it did not occur to me that I need one.  My first year was full of course work and other issues, so the idea of the research log slipped to the bottom of my priority list.

Now when I started my second year (and I am busier than ever with the remaining course work) and my first research work is starting, I recalled my mom’s and her thesis adviser’s words about the research log.  I will be honest – I cannot imagine jumping into this hard core weekly-research-goals routine, but I will attempt to start by recording interesting things (academic and not so academic) that I will be learning each day.  I will also be posting them (I will attempt to do it every week).

P.S. The fact that I impulsively bought a notebook another day has something to do with the above statement 20131009_224212

Here are the two things that I learned today:

Magnets would stop working after exposure to extremely high temperatures

Rene Descartes taught mathematics to women openly event though his contemporaries disagreed

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