The Nemo Quarry: Mystery Unsolved

Once upon a time Mount Nemo was a home of a small operating quarry.  Then, “the regional Conservation Authority obtained  this land in 1959 to prevent expansion of a quarry operation.*
Over 50 years later, a narrow road leads to that quarry abandoned by humans and invaded by trees.

P1070329Upon turning left at the end of the road, human intruders are faced with a cascade of stones that resembles a fossilized waterfall.


A tall but fragile edge of the escarpment on the other side of the quarry is ready to crumble


The nature is heeling injuries inflicted by humans and maybe in the next 100 years the old quarry will stop being visible at all.


As I was walking through this quarry I was wondering what it was like to work there, what kind of stones were extracted, where were they delivered?

The only clue regarding the origins of this quarry that I was able to find was that one meager sentence from the Bruce Trail website.* If you know/were able to find more information, I would be happy to know that.


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