How I got into a Teacher Education program

As a child I always had many hobbies at the same time. I played piano, read historical novels, studied English and was enrolled in a dance school. As a result my career preferences tended to change every several years. I remember wanting to be a teacher, a paramedic, a geneticist, a historian, a psychiatrist…

In elementary school I often struggled with mathematics but I always enjoyed studying it. I never considered it as a possible career choice or a university program possibility until my senior years of high school. I realized that mathematics can be applied to many situations in the real world and that attracted me to the discipline even more. I always looked at math from the point of view of an observer. The historical aspects of it fascinated me. To me, mathematical progress reflects the evolution of human thinking and of our vision of the world.  During my high school years I was also heavily involved with the math club, the peer tutoring club and the early child education centre, so applying my love for mathematics to teaching seemed like a logical choice. I joined the Concurrent Teacher Education Program to get a degree in math simultaneously with a teaching degree.

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