Abandoned tandem bike on a sad pathway

20130320_104936 ed


There is a pathway in my city that has many memories tied to it.  Usually this little road makes me sad, but if taking this road is unavoidable, I try to turn on some music, that is also tied to some memories and try to make the best out of that walk.  It was a sad grey day when I needed to go to an art store located right in the middle of this street.  The tattooed wall was behind me and I was just steps away from my destination when I saw this abandoned tandem bike chained to a pole. It was disfigured and its rotting body looked sick and helpless.  What kind of story is behind this bike? Maybe a hipster couple decided to move to India and abandoned it. Maybe they broke up and do not wish to ride together anymore.  What if one of them died of cancer? drug overdose? got into a car accident? Or maybe the bike was broken and they bought a new one.

In any case, the bike is still there. If you have seen it – let me know.

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