How I ended up in Grad School

This post was written a little over a year ago (in 2012) and was posted first at

This is how I ended up in a PhD program for History of Mathematics

My name is Mariya. I have just graduated from UofT majoring in Mathematics, History and        Eduation (Concurrent Teacher Education Program). I was born in Ukraine and came to Canada at the  lucky age of 13. The most important aspect of university life for me is balancing academic and social  activities. In my second year I got involved with the Mathematics and Computational Science Society   at UTM and stayed there as the VP of Advertising for three academic years. During that time I  learned   a lot about the academic culture of UofT. I met many academic celebrities and learned to communicate with a variety of people. Last summer I was a blog contributor for the Fields-MITACS program. Interviewing international undergraduate research assistants and writing about their achievements gave me an opportunity to learn culture-specific approaches to mathematics. I was always interested in the cultural aspects of sciences and scientific journalism but was never sure how to apply my interests to a possible career until I was told about the History of Science graduate program at UofT. Last year I took a history of mathematics course and finalized my decision about joining the History of Mathematics doctoral stream.

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